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CPU 100%

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My CPU constantly hits 100% does this mean I need to buy some more RAM? The only programes that are high  constantly are Thunderbird varies from, 7,000 to 40,000  and Firefox 62, 395?

I have I think 256mb of RAM. My laptop according to will take 1024mb.



RAM may not be the issue.  You can see how much is in use by running taskmanager and looking at the performance tab.  By the yellow > in the pic below is your current RAM usage.  If that is more than you physically have availble, the system will use disk to swap.  THAT can increase the CPU load, but shouldn't run it at 100%.

I recently started having problems with FF running my CPU @ 50%, so the combination may be getting you.  The easy fix is to try using Opera or IE to see if that drops your normal CPU load.

You note what applications are using memory but not which are consuming CPU? Maybe you can tell us which applications are using the CPU most when this happens. Otherwise it's shooting in the dark to give advice. :D

- Oshyan

there is no reason your cpu should be so high. as javajones says, do a screenshot of cpu usage. (if you are on win2k or winxp, just hit ctrl+alt+del) to get the cpu usage screen and sort by cpu usage column.

I hope I have done this screenshot correctly. It is attached.



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