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Probably so, though I wouldn't like to truly judge it before I could try it out. I definitely think the previously mentioned touch-screen UI had more promise. I think perhaps the fundamental flaw in logic here is assigning too much value to the physical manipulation, positioning and other cues of physical organization. Or perhaps more specifically in not recognizing what analogs (or replacements/enhancements) there might already exist in UI's for these functions.

So it's cool research but yes we have yet to see a truly usable/useful 3D GUI that actually enhances productivity rather than just providing eyecandy. Is it possible?

- Oshyan

very cool - and completely useless as a real gui in my opinion.
-mouser (June 24, 2006, 01:15 AM)
--- End quote ---
I would say it's completely useless as it is right now. But, with some alterations and in combination with the multi-touch screen, it might even improve it's interface.

Notice that in the end, the photographs and web page manipulation is quite impressive, easy, fast and intuitive. On the other hand, on the multi-touch screen video, the while the photographs manipulation is the most interesting part (for me), the photographs are al spread around the screen, with no organization. In that situation, it might be handy to have the pile method.

As for the other features (phisicly realistic colisions, snap to the wall, pile on the air, etc.), i couldn't care less for them ;)

cool, but what I like of my desktop is it doesn't matter how much stuff is there, is always sorted in rows and cols
this take the disorder of my real desktop on my *virtual* desktop and that's so bad :D

exactly my thoughts nowhereman - the very last thing i want on my computer screen is to reproduce the mess of my real desk!

After signing up for the beta what seems like a couple of years ago, the other day I received an invitation to the Bumptop beta and an invite code. I recall signing up for the beta after seeing a demo of the software on

Looking at it now - I just don't get it. My desktop is usually pretty spartan - not much on it. That means that the Bumptop desktop doesn't have much on it, and there's not much to do. It seems like the only way to use all of the file manipulation and organization functions is to take a bunch of files out of my semi-carefully arranged folder structure, and dump them all onto the desktop.

Why would I want to do that?  I don't get it.


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