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One problem with BumpTop is the way they're distributing it.

The free download is so feature-limited that you can't give it an adequate try out. Not allowing the "flipping" feature, and only giving you two notes renders the free version almost completely useless.

They really need to provide a full featured 30-day evaluation since it would take you that long to see if BumpTop worked for you. And people clever enough to develop a product like this already know that.

So why aren't they doing it this way?

I'm guessing because most people play will with it for a few hours and then get rid of it. 8)

Katherine Boehert, ( Walt Mossberg assistant )  in todays  WSJ

I think it would be very very usefull if they can pull that memory usage down. I think it uses upto 120 mb. Once it feels like it is not there I am sure people will find it useful. I personally wont use it now because I run alot of opengl applications and would not want this to interfere but later I might use it.

very cool - and completely useless as a real gui in my opinion.
-mouser (June 24, 2006, 01:15 AM)
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When I press on my lcd screen hard enough, it makes similar color patterns as well :)

Very good, an interesting way of interaction, as mentioned in the link, it somewhat resembles the Multi-touch screen interface demonstration.
Still, in my opinion, the latter one it better conceibed.
Truth is, BumpTop might be quite close, it's not as "irealistic" as multi-touch screen interface.

[edit]I've just seen the "hip-hop version"  ;D ;D ;D [/edit]
-jgpaiva (June 22, 2006, 01:47 PM)
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