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Microsoft "Hyperlapse" tech is finally available to play with

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I am shocked - shocked I say! - to see that there appear to be no previous threads on the whole "hyperlapse" thing (according to the Search at least). This is a variation of timelapse where the camera actually moves *large* distances (as opposed to the small dolly shots of most timelapse) while maintaining (relatively) smooth motion, creating an amazing combination of realistic and surreal imagery and motion. It really just has to be seen to be appreciated. This is an excellent introduction to what can be achieved:

Like many things this is a technique that has been around for quite some time (earliest example I've seen was shot on film in 1995!) and was pioneered by some innovative photographer/videographers, painstakingly investing tons of time and effort into getting good results. And as with most great artistic innovations it is now starting to become more achievable for the average person who *doesn't* have days or weeks on their hands to plan, shoot, and edit such complex projects.

We first saw tools that anyone could use to create Hyperlapses from Google Maps street view data, which produced some cool results in itself. But the image quality and consistency were of course limited and the subject matter even more so. And whatever you did, it just wasn't *personal*, it wasn't *your* video.

Enter Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro!

Microsoft began doing research in this area a few years back and showed some tremendously promising results processing average GoPro-style mounted action camera videos into highly watchable compressed versions of the journey the camera captured. Rather than watching an hour long rock climbing expedition on a head-mounted camera, you can watch it in 60 seconds, with a fluid impression of the environment much as in the hyperlapses shown in the video above. This was a fairly revolutionary idea and the results of Microsoft's research really have to be seen to be properly appreciated:
Unfortunately, while MS's research was promising, there was no software to go with it...

Well, I've had a web change detector watching their page for over a year now, waiting for the actual availability of software that implements their seemingly cool tech, and at long last it's available! GHacks has a good write-up:

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro can be downloaded from Microsoft's Research website. It is compatible with all recent versions of Windows and only available as a 64-bit version.

The installation is straightforward and the installer itself is clean and does not include any surprises.

The hyperlapse video creation process itself is divided into four parts. First thing you do is create a new project and import a supported video format. Hyperlapse Pro supports mp4, mov and wmv video files only.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately it does come with a watermark currently, which is a real shame, but it's still cool to be able to play with the fruits of their research. Instagram came out with a similar processing technology in an iOS-only app about 8 months ago, so this kind of thing has been available for a while already. However Instagram's approach is not as thorough or capable as Microsoft's seems to be, and of course it's iOS-only. Microsoft has the PC application as well as an option for both Windows Phone and Android owners to play with.

So does anyone have any videos they can try this one? Show us your results!



There's also an updated version of the Image Composition Editor available.

Have to try it on a 25 minute 4x4 video I made, I sped it up ~6x to get it down to the music length .

Yeah, ICE (Image Composition Editor) is also really cool tech, and is actually usable (no watermark, I think). It works better than many other apps I've tried for stitching, including Photoshop (panorama stitch mode).

- Oshyan

Guess I'm going to have to wait until they fix it, currently I can't get it to load anything.  It grabs >30% CPU, becomes unresponsive, and just keeps chewing memory until the system complains, then I have to kill it with Task Manager.

EDIT: And here's the answer:

Here are two things to check:

    Have you ever run Windows Media Player (WMP) on your system before?  Hyperlapse Pro uses components from WMP, and you need to run WMP at least once and accept the license agreement.
    Are you running over Remote Desktop Connection?  If so, check out the "Known Issues" sticky at the top of the forum for instructions on how to make video preview work over remote desktop.
--- End quote ---

Never used it, never had it installed - honestly, you think they could mention it in the requirements.


Or just borrow the components of WMP and unite it with their new project. MS has this habit of referring back a lot of things to "needs WMP to run".


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