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I may be late in the game on this software and this message board but I acquired a Martin Yale 12-up cutter.  I just got the trail version of this software to test it out and can't for the life of me figure out how to get the videos to load in 12-up format where there are 12 cards printed per page instead of 10.  I know in this format the video needs to be rotated since the cards are layed out in vertical rows of 4 instead of 5 rows of 2.  Instead of rotating the video perhaps the entire page needs to be flipped over to landscape.   Still have to figure out the 12 up layout though.

Any help? Anyone still on this help board?


Hi Jason,

First suggestion, play with FlipSuite as it has some more recent options for laying out cards.
You should be able to fairly easily create a 12-up layout.. Now as for rotating the video.. that may be more problematic -- i honestly don't remember the issue coming up before.. It might be as simple as defining the page layout as landscape (ie changing the page dimensions).


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