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So, what pdf reader app is your fav?

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I previously posted in this thread saying I was using Foxit. I got sick of it becoming more and more of a bloated mess with each update and switched to Sumatra. That was probably a year ago; I'm still using it and liking it.

I like it because it seems simple and lightweight compared to the alternatives I've tried. But I don't do much with PDFs and I especially don't create/edit them. But for a lightweight PDF reader, I'm pretty happy with Sumatra. :Thmbsup:

Haven't tried it and no affiliation but found this. Install the free app get a link to get desktop version for free.

Thanksgiving Giveaway! Tap "Pumpkin" in the App to get PDFelement desktop program for free. Only valid for today (23rd.Nov.)
--- End quote ---

So, what pdf reader app is your fav?

^ however, the pumpkin > PdfElement for desktop is merely a 3-months license/trial  :-\

Even now if you look at their facebook feed the post I saw the deal doesn't mention that, a separate post does (both posts are still up!)

Prize for good business practices goes to ...Wondershare </sarcasm>

I prefer to use Abode PDF by default. And I also use WPS - an office software vendor in China who also releases a PDF reader, while WPS users are not required to install it to read a PDF file, WPS office has facilitated a reader in WPS, which is very convenient for most of us. From time to time, I've seen the giveaways for SodaPDF, but never give it a try. I don't quite understand what makes it a paid shareware. I mean, we can find a large number of PDF tools online, who will choose a paid shareware?  :-\


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