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So, what pdf reader app is your fav?

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Wanted: a lightweight pdf file viewer with a few editing features.

So, what pdf reader app is your fav?-New topic
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The said question would usually make me answer Tracker's Pdf-XChange Viewer Pro. The free version was a file viewer. The PRO version had a few editing features, but was basically the same file as the free version, and as such very, very fast.

I know that Sumatra is even faster - but my prime reason for sticking with Tracker is the PRO version's few, but useful, editing features.

However, ... hinted by the year-number to be seen in the photo, I have not updated my version for quite some time: 3 years!  :'(  "But, Curt", you may ask, "we know that you have spend an absolute fortune on software programs that you would only use a few times in your life, how come you suddenly seem to be trying to save money on a type of program that you are using many times a day?"

Well, Tracker grew this idea that the PRO version of their free PDF viewer was not as successful as could be, given how many people were using the free version, (I am guessing, of course they never said that out loud!), so they turned the PRO version of their pdf viewer into a full pdf editor. And a full editor is of course both slower and a lot more expensive, so I didn't upgrade,...

 ... but began looking for a replacement. I still haven't found what I am  looking for. It seems to me that my 2012 PRO version of Tracker's viewer (including these few editor features) still is the best of the kind? Of course the 2014 version would be even better ~ because it's the same program, just updated for two more years ~ but it took the company so many years to introduce the new editor, that my license ran out long before, and their new prices are too high for what I am looking for. The price may of course be right for a full editor, but be it Lite or Heavy, I already have an even better editor, Nitro Pro. Unfortunately Nitro is very slow to launch,

so, a (cheap) ultra fast combo-app   like an updated Pdf-XChange Viewer Pro   is what I need. Do you know any?

And while you are here, please tell us what you are using yourself  :tellme:

I use Adobe Reader as my main viewer.
It has a good range of shortcuts, good zoom controls, and good whats-the-word 'drawing' of vector graphics -
all of which are very important to me with PDFs.

PDFXchange viewer (not pro), I use when adding comments to a PDF.
I'm doing even better than you Curt - using the portable version

from 2011

Why do you want to move from the older version Curt ?
I guess security could be a factor...

PDFXchange Editor is free for private use.  I don't know if it is light or fast exactly.  I don't get into PDF much.  But I saw this free and you don't see a full PDF Editor for free often so I installed it.  Also it has a plugin for FF to display PDF inside the browser.

Stoic Joker:
Derp! ...Apparently I've been using the Editor for a while now and didn't realize it.

My PDF requirements are fairly minimal, just view and occasionally create (with Cute PDF)...but the view part must be fast. Apparently the Editor is a bit slower than the viewer - I had been wondering about that - but not enough to be really aggravating.

And if you use the editor, you don't really need the viewer any more as far as I am concerned. The editor can be the viewer too.


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