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I guess I don't keep up.  I just noticed MxNitro.  For grins I got the Version: portable and tried it.  Just sitting at the home page is has 4 processes running.  The scheme is to have a bare bones browser that is lightning fast.  As I posted on the Maxthon Community forum, I can see being stripped down for speed, but I think it takes it to an extreme when you cannot even mount your favorites toolbar as a toolbar.  At least I couldn't figure it out.

I have nearly all folders on my bookmarks toolbar.  The browser pulled them into the menu.  But to use them I have to click the favorites button, then favorites toolbar, then the folder, then the favorite.  It defeats the purpose entirely.  I urged them to allow a bit more in the way of configuration.  But I fear any suggestions will be smothered by in-group out-group intolerance.

So far it loads fast and goes fast.  But can you do anything once you get there?  Read text and look at the pictures seems to be about it.

I don't see how you can get, or would want to be, more bare bones than Pale Moon in its out-of-the-box configuration. Anything more bare bones than that and you're just holding yourself back for minimal gains.


I haven't worried about how fast pages load in ten years, so I don't get that metric. To me there's ten other issues to argue about over browsers besides speed.

I use Kmeleon at times like doing an image backup with Macrium.  I don't think I want to be hogging the processor with a dozen instances just to browse a few pages.  Strange what they spend their time on.

Maxthon has been a funny adventure.
They've got 4 different browsers and none are finished enough to say they are polished products.
They made this MxNitro 'cause their users voted speed as their top prefered feature in a new browser.
Go figure!

Maybe no.5 will be one with decent addons...


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