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Keyboard Shortcut for "Hamburger Menu" in Firefox?


Not having much luck finding a keyboard shortcut for the "Hamburger Menu" (aka PanelUI-button) in Firefox.

In Chromium, Alt+F, Alt+E, and F10 followed by space all seem to work.

Anyone know a keyboard shortcut for Firefox?  Or possibly how one might be assigned?

Sadly no good answers here:

"The Firefox button was removed in Firefox 29 and replaced with the Hamburger menu icon."

^ I didn't know this, and I had no idea what a Hamburger Menu was, so your post send me off, to search for answers.

The first answer was, to kill it!!

That little three-lined button is the devil. Whether you call it a side menu, navigation drawer, or a hamburger, hiding your features off-screen behind a nondescript icon in the corner is usually a poor mobile design choice. Interaction theory, A/B tests, and the evolution of some of the top apps in the world all support the same thesis: The hamburger button is bad for engagement
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The next article's author suggested the menu should be upgraded to Cheeseburger menus!

If nothing else, we could follow Josh's advice on improving the hamburger icon: "Cheeseburger menu. Because everything is better with cheese." Atlantic
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The third answer was actually about hamburgers, but then it was from McDonalds, and I prefer Burger King...


I still don't know the answer to your question (!), ewemoa, but in my mind the lack of the old Firefox button is the real problem. Here is an addon to solve this:

8: Display Firefox application button

The Firefox button was removed in Firefox 29 and replaced with the Hamburger menu icon. It is possible to restore it using Classic Theme Restorer. You can define its position, customize it visually and functionality wise.-Classic Theme Restorer
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One answer said "I absolutely love that I can move the search box to inside the hamburguer menu and still get to it pressing Ctrl+K", so I was wondering if you simply are missing the sidebars? Try Sidebars List:  It should also let you have Ctrl+B and Ctrl+H back.

Adds drop-down list to switch sidebars

/Given that Mozilla removed the Bookmarks and History Sidebar toolbar buttons in Fx29, it's good that this still works. Thanks.-Sidebars List
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The real problem is of course the UI re-design by Mozilla, so give Pale Moon a try!  :up:

Thanks for the various ideas :)

I wasn't a fan of the UI redesign, but I thought I'd give the new UI a chance for a while.

One aspect I like about it is that I can customize what shows up in "the menu".

I had tried placing the search bar inside the menu and accessing it via Ctrl+K, but I haven't figured out how to access the other items using only the keyboard.  Without being able to get to and navigate within the new menu using only the keyboard, it's not nearly as useful as it could be for me.

I haven't taken the Classic Theme Restorer plunge yet -- do you know if it requires a lot of tweaking?  When I installed it and took a look at the options I was overwhelmed :)

I'm not using Windows much recently and Palemoon doesn't appear to be available for the *NIX I'm using so that doesn't appear to be an option for me ATM.

SpoilerWith respect to being able to customize one's UI, that kind of thing seems sorely lacking in the mobile world (well, at least on Android AFAICT) where I keep getting the feeling that the folks releasing apps are trying to manipulate us out of using certain features and nudging us toward others.  Not a nice feeling at all.

Perhaps it's also that the underlying SDK doesn't necessarily make it easy to provide this kind of functionality...I can see that once users start customizing to their own tastes, devs have a harder time taking their software in directions they'd like to -- at least I think customizability is often add odds with that desire.

This menu thing got me thinking that there might even be folks trying to explicitly limit keyboard shortcuts -- to nudge folks to use the mouse more.  Perhaps because without using the pointer, it is so much less likely in most major browsers that one would click on things...

... Palemoon doesn't appear to be available for the *NIX I'm using ...-ewemoa (March 13, 2015, 09:19 PM)
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What flavour are you running?

The source should be available under the PM2Linux build if you want to try recompiling.

I'm using NixOS.

If the compilation experience is anything like Firefox, I'm not sure I want to take on having to do that every time there's an update :)


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