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Need SSL Certificate Recomendations

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Self-signed, perhaps? At least you can make these last 10 years...

Or is it for the company and it's clients. Because for internal use only, I wouldn't be bothered too much about makin' me some certificates ;)
-Shades (March 04, 2015, 04:51 PM)
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Agreed there. Self-signed is a good option for internal use - it's what I do. The only thing is that you need to trust yourself. :)

I do get popups in Outlook regarding my cert, but it's not an issue - I just click OK. Also, that only happens once when I start Outlook - it doesn't happen every time Outlook polls for new email.

Stoic Joker:
SS is not an option as this is for public facing production systems. If it was for the internal systems I wouldn't even bother with the annoying theatrical nonsense. It just baffles me beyond reason why everything to do with SSL has to be so god damn complicated. If the point of the certificate is to validate me...then it should trust the me it is validating to renew the silly thing without having to go through a bunch of horse shit to yet again confirm that I am indeed still the me that I was when I was being me last time.

I mean FFS if they can't even trust the validity of their own certificate to ensure that the me that is posing as I is truly the as to be certified me ... Then what good is the damn thing!

Ok... just for laughs...

I'm working on an access security system for a client, and in the documentation they say that users can use the certificate that they provide. :D Mind you, it's supposed to be on a local network, but still...


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