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Looking for program that can copy folder hierarchy with checkboxes and size est.

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I'm looking for an app that would let me select from a deep hierarchy of folders -- checking the folders i want to copy to a destination folder, while showing me size estimates of the total selected, and then copy from source to destination.

An example of using this would be if i have a large music collection and i want to copy a subset of it that will fit on a 64gb drive.

The key is being able to check/select arbitrary items at arbitrary locations in the hierarchy, and keep the hierarchy intact when copying.

Anyone know of a tool that can do this?

I believe Dopus can do this - but maybe you're looking for something more focused (?)
Other file managers may also be able to do this too.

Turn on 'Flat view/Grouped' (I've modified my toolbars and shortcuts - I think this under the 'Folder options' button) - you can now see the hierarchy and all files
Turn on check-box mode in folder options (see help for more info) - shows check-box for selection
=> select folders / files
you will be asked if you want to recreate the hierarchy

Note: I'm not sure how this will work when simultaneously copying from various levels in the hierarchy (but presume it will work)
The default statusbar will show size of selected items

EDIT: see if anyone else chimes in here - this is not working for me on Windows 8.1 -
I am not getting asked if I want to recreate the hierarchy. (FWIW, I do get asked that when synchronising and when I then manually select what to copy.) Wont be able to check on Win.7 desktop till maybe Monday ...

maybe Copywhiz


Thanks for the replies folks.
Tomos those are some pretty neat Directory Opus tricks, I may have to explore the flat and checkbox modes in a bit..
Having said that, it actually looks like perhaps Beyond Compare, one of my most essential tools -- may be able to do this flawlessly.. Another victory for BC... with the added bonus that I already own it!

EDIT: see if anyone else chimes in here - this is not working for me on Windows 8.1 -
I am not getting asked if I want to recreate the hierarchy.-tomos (February 28, 2015, 03:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

Works fine:

Do note that while you can turn on Calculate folder sizes, it'll only do it for the parent, any sub-folders don't get calculated and aren't added to the running total in the Status bar, (as you can see from the bits I've highlighted - a folder with ~36MB of files but only ~10MB in the running total).

I don't know if there is a setting that will propagate the folder selection to included files, this would fix the total size selected discrepancy.


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