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Other app ideas based on WhenLast code

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My WhenLast app was written so that the code could be re-used for other apps that have similar infrastructure/User-interface/workflow.  Underneath is a pretty flexible library.

So I'm open if people have other ideas that might make use of the code.. With the new sync features, anything that could benefit from multi-device sync would be a good candidate.

One idea i had recently was for a simple checklist/chore app, where you could toggle quickly between an ALL-ITEM view and a TODO view.  So you would switch to the ALL-ITEM view, select a set of chores or todo items to activate, and then switch to the TODO view, where you would see only the items you have selected.  As you (or any sync'd devices) complete each one, you would click it and it would disappear from the TODO view, until you get down to an empty list.  In the ALL-ITEM view you would see when each item was last accomplished (and possibly by which device/user).

I still use a Palm T3... and what you're saying sounds a lot like Handy Shopper for the Palm, one of the applications I'd be lost without.  However, if you search for "Handy Shopper" in the Google Android store, you'll find several apps that claim to emulate it already.

I have one wish, though it is probably not based on your WhenLast architecture:
I'm one of the rare species of users who switch off their smartphones during night, and sometimes also on daytime.
Additionally, some apps require a reboot to free up memory or really cut their network connection.

Therefore, the power-off-button of my old HTC smartphone was somewhat worn out, i.e. I sometimes needed several approaches to really get the phone off.
So, I searched for an app to shutdown/reboot the phone, but I didn't find any (at least, not for an un-rooted device).

Maybe, this is a challenge for you: providing a shutdown/reboot app which works on normal devices (not rooted).
I don't know, whether this is possible at all. It's just a wish.

In the Play Store, there's an app called Real Reboot that claims not to need your phone to be rooted.  I haven't tried it, and apparently it doesn't work on all phones, but it gets moderately good reviews.

@cyberdiva: thanks for that hint   :up:
However, it says "All Android Versions from 4.2.2 or higher need root!!!"
The old HTC only had 4.03, so it might have worked. But I have a new Phone now, and the HTC was sold.


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