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Other app ideas based on WhenLast code

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How strange!  I would almost swear that that line in the description wasn't there when I looked.  I remember the first line, about root not being needed, and I remember the lines about which versions the app was tested with.  I recall wondering why there had been no testing on more recent versions.  Also, at least on my computer, the line about needing root for Android 4.2.2 and above looks as if it's in bold, while the rest is not.  So either I didn't notice the one line that appears in bold ( :-[) or it was very recently added, perhaps after some complaints.  Oh well....sorry it won't work. 

Another wish probably not covered by WhenLast code: a decent cooking timer that allows you to save and recall named "scenarios," i.e. various times/titles for "put this veg on," "turn sausages," "put that veg on", "check pans," "Cooked!" etc., with a wide range of alarm sounds built in.  I use Big Clock, PocketDoan and Ramen on the Palm - sometimes all together...  I've seen plenty of Android timer apps, but none able to save a set of timers in a named group.

rj, this sounds very close to an idea that dc member ewemoa and i have been talking about.. groups of sequenced timers..

I'd love to have timer app that has "groups of sequenced timers" feature.  :-*

I got an Android phone, finally. More on it and help required in another thread.

I was planning an Android app for the next NANY. It is similar to WhenLast, so Mouser may make it faster from his existing libraries.

When I do some job, say X, I save the date-time for the job, even gps if possible. After wards I should be able to get answers to following,
1. When I did job X ?
2. Did I do job X in this month/year ?
3. What jobs I did this month ?
4. What jobs I did at this location (gps) ?

I hope you got the point. One example I give is that in India ATM withdrawal from same bank is limited to 5 in a month and also from other bank ATM limited to 3. So this will help me to use separate bank ATM cards if I need more withdrawal in a month without paying fees.




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