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Softmaker Office: **90%+** Discount!!!! Offer Expires Feb5 6pm(?) EST

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since Softmaker has a very special UPGRADE offer, you can get its Office software with a 90%+ discount legally TODAY only by following these steps even if right now you do not own their software (because they allow upgrades from their FreeOffice product):

1.) Go to and click on Download and then you get a registration window, in which you should put in the information you will later purchase the upgrade with. Install the software.

2.) Go to and click on "Shop".

3.) In the "Redeem Discount Coupon" field enter "dfro".

Voila - you will see the following discounted prices for the upgrade versions (for which you are now eligible since you have FreeOffice - see step one):

Office Standard: $6.99 (Full Product $79.95 = 90%+ discount)
Office Professional $19.99 (includes more dictionaries and an Outlook clone, full product $99.95)
Office for Linux 2012 $10.99 (like windows standard, full product $79.95)

They also have like 50% discounts on some of their font packs (scroll down more).


Thanks for posting this.

I can't help but wonder if SoftMaker Office 2015 is close enough that buying this will include an upgrade to it.

I had that thought also, but I don't think so.

They probably want to sell it to you cheap now, so that they can entice some users to upgrade to 2015.

Anyway, it's a fantastic deal on its own.

I just bought it.

Also I purchased it, because I am using their so generously made free Android version, which is fantastic and can make spreadsheets work that their competitors cannot, and this way I can give something back to this developer.

I'll wait for SoftMaker's 2015 version.  :)

the dfro discount is not globally fixed, so to speak. My upgrade discount for Office Professional here in Denmark is kr. 223.05 now kr. 133.95, and for Office Standard: kr. 148.55 now kr. 44.60. SoftMaker Office 2012 for Linux was kr. 223.05, is now kr. 74.40. Good upgrade discounts, but nowhere near 90%.


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