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Requests: count workdays only and show workdays remaining

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Also, could there be an option that combines "% Complete" with "Time left (smart)" for the Gauge text, to make it look something like

[36%] 16 days remaining (Nov 28, 2014)
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This would combine the two most important pieces of info, percent complete and time remaining, to maintain one's bearings with a project.


1) Option at item level to count workdays only (instead of calendar days, so that item bar could display e.g. "6 workdays remaining" instead of "8 days remaining"). This way PBOL would become a more realistic project plan reminder tool for those that do take 2 days off on the weekend.
-dr_andus (September 22, 2014, 04:44 AM)
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Hi Mouser,

When you have a bit of time, I'd be really grateful (even with some DonationCredits) if at least this feature could be implemented.

It's messing me up when I look at my bar and it says "10 days remaining", when in reality I only have "6 days", because there are 4 days of weekends counted in until my deadline, which I can't apply to the project.  :(

This is a great tool that I just love  :-*, this is the only bit that's missing from total bliss...  :Thmbsup:

Someone knows how to sweet talk me :)

I will put it back on my todo list, shouldn't be very hard to add.

Then also please allow for user-defined non-working days :)


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