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Requests: count workdays only and show workdays remaining

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Two requests:

1) Option at item level to count workdays only (instead of calendar days, so that item bar could display e.g. "6 workdays remaining" instead of "8 days remaining"). This way PBOL would become a more realistic project plan reminder tool for those that do take 2 days off on the weekend.

2) Option to display all measures of time (beyond the hour) in workdays only. E.g. instead of showing "26 wks remaining" it would show "130 workdays remaining." Again, it would be more useful for planning and tracking.

For practical purposes let's just ignore national, religious etc. holidays.

Thanks for considering!

P.S. Just to give you the context, I was looking at the bar saying "8 days remaining" for one of my tasks, and it gave me a false sense of security, as after checking the calendar it turned out I have only "6 days remaining", as weekend was counted in, which I won't be able to use for this particular task.

Another fine-tuning request:

The predefined choices do not cater for the 'Last day of current month' (or 'first day of next month') selection, giving a wrong impression of the remaining time in this month's gauge.

I'd be happy to donate a couple of DCredits towards the aforementioned "workday" options, if that helps expedite matters...  ;)

That is a nice idea.. it could be done..

Also, for time remaining, would it be possible to choose it to be displayed in days or workdays only until the very last day, when it would switch to hours?

It would be more useful for monitoring a project. E.g. I have a project due this Friday, 31 Oct. Today it's Monday 27 Oct. However, PBOL says "95 hrs remaining." That's not particularly useful information to me, as many of those hours will be spent with sleep as well. I'd prefer it to say "4 workdays x hrs remaining".

Thanks for considering.


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