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chrome browser is so nasty

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I use a portable installation of chrome and as I browse, it suddently installs a shortcut in the pinpointed area in my taskbar!

I delete it, and it keeps doing that!

what can I do?


Use a different browser - isn't there a 'cleaned' version of Chrome?
=> SRWare Iron browser:

Portable apps has a portable version, there may be others.

At least Chrome sufficiently satisfies the DRM demons enough to allow Linux users to watch Netflix without having to resort to all sorts of Pipelight and agent switching shenanigans. ;D

Try to get rid of Google Update after you install Chrome. No, uninstalling Chrome won't help. Removing it from the sequence of software items that Windows starts during it's own start-up, proved to be more nasty than previously thought. Sure you can disable or delete it with 'autoruns' (outstanding systinternals tool), but after Windows reboots you have a second google update entry that is active. Rinse and repeat...

A virus behaves practically the same.

So no Chrome for me. Ever. The portable SRW Iron browser is much better/friendlier in that respect. Opera browsers now-a-days use the webkit engine as well, so you might want to look into that as well. PortableApps website offers(very) recent Opera browsers. Personally, I prefer that over SRW Iron now. Although (portable) SRW Iron is no slouch, (portable) Opera is faster. 

man, how do I get rid of it, if uninstalling chrome doesn't do it?


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