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HDMI cables

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I was recently perusing Monoprice for HDMI cables and felt it was a bit of a waste to pay more in shipping costs than in the costs of the cable I wanted, so I began looking for more cables to bundle in with my order. In the process, I looked again at the Premium Micro USB cables which I mentioned earlier in this thread, and read some reviews on them with many similar issues as what I experienced above. So I added my own voice with a review of the cables.

I was contacted by tech support, informing me that Monoprice has a lifetime warranty on their cables and offering an RMA at no additional cost to replace my "defective" cables.

So, if it's truly free (i.e. no return shipping costs) then it looks like I'll be getting new cables. But if I'm expected to pay for shipping costs, then I think it's probably not worth it, as it will likely cost more to ship it than buying new ones would.

Sorry for the "off-topicness" of this post, but since I mentioned it earlier in this thread, I figured I should update everyone on the situation.

I just got my free replacement cables. I didn't have to pay shipping, nor did I have to return my (still working) frayed cables.

I was worried that I was just going to be getting more of the same cables that would end up having the same issue, but they were free so I figured I didn't have anything to lose. It looks like they did take steps to solve the problem! They have extended the "sleeve" that comes out of the connector by about a centimeter (at both connectors), so that if the cable pulls away from it, it will still be inside the sleeve.

I realize that my description of the issue and solution isn't very clear, so here's a photo so you can see for yourself and compare the different lengths of the "sleeve" coming out of the connector:

This restores my faith in Monoprice products and I would heartily recommend them to anyone looking for good quality cables at a decent price. :Thmbsup:


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