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editor with built-in column or tiling facility - (Listhings comes close)

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Here is where you can find more details about Notezilla -

Would Trello suit your needs?

Steven Avery:
Trello looks good for a personal or collaborative hybrid of project manager and todo list.

(Right now we are using Insightly for this collaboratively, as part of a CRM. Not as visual
yet rather a decent tool.  It has been quite a "hit" for the 4 person collaboration.)

As a master note list Trello looks like it simply has fixed column lengths, lacks RTF and
the memoboard structure is not a visual tree with subunits. Somewhat of a different

The Notezilla memoboards allow flexible output and visual emphasis, a big plus for
your own notes and remembrance situation.

Notezilla has become my standard of comparison.

btw, I had done the Notezilla review here many years back, and then had not used
it for some years.  I came back to it through the back-door, looking for a flexible
column editor and notes schema ... web or desktop.  So far, good.

Notezilla also seems good for the web page annotation  theme although getting it
attached to the page is multi-step, it would be nice if it could have an Internote
style extension icon in Firefox.  However, there may be architecture questions.

Beyond  that, networking and such, I am hoping that Gautam Jain (Conceptworld)
will engage in more in depth discussions on a singular thread or a new forum.

Gautam, c'mon .. we know you appreciate the positive chatter, and can point us to Notezilla,
now why don't you do a bit more in dialog?  We've got questions and ideas, maybe you have
some answers and feedback.



Thanks a lot Steven for expressing your support for Notezilla.

Yes, we don't have any active forum yet. Don't wish to keep one in near future. Of course, such discussion threads are welcome. But not dedicated forum.

I like to implement features based on the feature requests I get via email. This keeps me free to implement features based on the demand without any pressure from public forum discussions.

I have a very very long list of features including snap to grid (which is a nice feature to add).

In general, I like not to complicate the product with too many features. What's most wanted is native app for Android & iOS. We just released Android app. We will be launching iOS app in some months.

You can share more thoughts and ideas over hear with direct questions addressing to me in this forum. I wasn't replying earlier because it was a general discussion comparing features of other products.

Gautam Jain

Steven Avery:

Yes I think I will start a thread here ... title something like:

"questions about stickies ... the NoteZilla memoboard paradigm"

And that will be the one thread where I will place the Notezilla quirks and needs.
Snap-to-grip, or something like that, likely being #1. Tabs on top would be a wonderful complement to the tree structure.  Is that asking too much in the road-map? This really relates to the memoboard full-blown personal and project note system.

And I am interested in hearing what people don't like about this memoboard use.  Clearly you don't have sophisticated tables and spreadsheets and stuff like that as in some full-blown note implementations like Rightnote.  Internal linking should be compared.

Also you do not have publish-to-web as in
TreePad - Memobook - MyInfo -Mynoteskeeper
(I quickly went to my memoboard to find that short list.)

And one major element of the thread will be what I find important benefits, aspects and needs in Notezilla.
Also a general go-with-the-flow discussions of comparison of the "Big Three":

 .. Notezilla, Stickies, and PNotes.

And anything we can learn from the others, including the memoboards online like Listhings.
(And why can't anybody do web pages the neat Internote way, working with urls instead of window names.)

As I have indicated, it seems that NoteZilla is only one with a fine memoboard implementation (it looked like you lack a corkboard background :) ) and for me, this is the single most important feature.  Tree structure, whitespace be-gone, pleasant RTF and colors, those are the basics that I require.  And this crosses the line from sticky to note system, and a week or two has only increased the significance.  

Again, a forum, or a section in a forum in the Wilders ways, would discuss such uses, and generate interest.  

And I definitely recommend that you make up a special page emphasizing the potential utility of memoboards as a full-blown note system. It took me many years to see the potentiality.  (And I would not be surprised if some of the other sticky systems come up with an implementation, so you want a head-start in user base and feedback.)

I'd like to look at the various synch capabilities, since stickies, other than implementations like the Listhings memoboard and Internote or Diigo, are inherently desktop.

What it would mean to try to do quick-print. And even publish to web. (e.g. either export to HTML or screen snaps to web). If screenshots, I'll probably try an ad hoc implementation, maybe using ShareX, Greenshot or Screenshot Captor.  Also maybe using macro automation.  The export to HTML works fine, although it ends with a white-space page. Hmmm .. how about a visual maintained export.

I'm hoping to try out the whole network and transferring aspect.  There, cost and convenience come to play and some people might end up using more than one sticky system.



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