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editor with built-in column or tiling facility - (Listhings comes close)

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Steven Avery:

I like my "ToDo" notes to be very readable and pleasant.

And I use Listhings, which is similar to Google Keep, more versatile and colorful.  Listhings also has a good multi-page implementation where the url can go straight to the desired page externally. And the current page can be chosen and changed from a top bar. This is nice for online notes, available anywhere with the internet. You can set up various size text (or picture) boxes of various colors on top of the corkboard, so you can create a columnar or tiled effect as you like. Thus you might look at one page and have clearly in front of you.

ToDo Today
Special Events
Puter ToDo and Buy
Bible forum discussion
Web Dev

All in front on the same editor page. A tiling effect, and columnar capability is the key.
Thus all the real estate in full-screen mode is used effectively.  ToDo notes tend
to be short, with lots of blank space to the right if you are in full-screen mode.

The limitation in Listhings is that the editor is weak. Some bold, italics and not much more.


This got me thinking that I really want an editor that has a built-in column or tiling facility.
Thus when the editor is open full-screen it can act de facto as multiple distinct editors,
each column (or tile) has its own editing life.

This could be implemented in a program (e.g. Rightnote and VueMinder are programs with nice editors that I use).

And/or it could be implemented on a web page. (e.g. if Listhings had a good RTF editor it would qualify.)

The key is that logically it should be one document save involved for the page that has the multiple units.

Where does this exist?


Steven Avery

Steven Avery:
One possibility is the usage of a Stickie with good RTF.

A Sticky program like Notezilla is one idea.   The idea would be to have a group of Sticky Notes that pretty much fill up the screen, that can be opened as a group and then closed as a group.  (I have not checked yet if this is possible.) This would not have the built-in multipage functionality of Listhings, but it might make for a very nice To-Do and Note page with pseudo-columns. Or tiles.


The idea would be to have a group of Sticky Ntes that pretty much fill up the screen, that can be opened as a group and then closed as a group.
-Steven Avery (January 04, 2015, 12:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

You could try TaskSpace and/or TaskLayout for that.

Steven Avery:

Thanks. TaskSpace and TaskLayout look like interesting programs.  Reminds me of when I used GoScreen for virtual desktops. All of these I want to look into more as I start to make my work environment more comfortable.

I'm pretty sure that what I want is in the stickie notes land.  Although I think when some regular editors implement columns, people will realize how powerful it is.  © :).   Maybe some do.


For what I want, PNotes, which I loaded a few days ago, looks very good.  Fully open-source free, with a robust manager, command line switches (for making a show/hide icon), groups .. yeah!, and a decent RTF.  Slider for long notes. And ability to receive pics. Also portable friendly. Skins. And decent additional stuff like network send capabilities.  And a forum. And has longevity.  I am using the .NET version (they have an earlier one without).  They do have Plugins, such as post to Facebook. And sync to Dropbox and others.  Neat.

The editor toolbar is small in size, I'm going to ask about that. No calendar/reminder system, a feature of TurboNote+, I think calendars are not generally in stickies.

The weakness of PNotes compared to some competition ... all desktop, no attachment to web pages, documents, or programs, is, in this implementation, no problem at all. Where I want that stuff, I will separately use Stickies, NoteZilla, GumNote, Internote (Firefox,web), or various others. Maybe Diigo or Webnotes for more sophisticated web annotation.  (Sticky notes could use a good chart-matrix of features.)  

(Corrected 1/6 see below. PNotes has a pin to window, related to app, feature.)

All I really want today, the master visible ToDo, is a desktop group of notes that can cover the desktop and show/hide easily. And having multiple groups or subgroups may come in handy.

Shixxnote may deserve some attention as an alternate, if more robust LAN messaging is a help, 5 users $25, didn't see a note manager.
GloboNote is fairly new, free.

Gizmo goes for Stickies and PNote as the best free, and has a recent 2014 update.


Something along these lines was Microsoft MS Labs Sticky Sorter (Affinity Model) - I think v1.0.1908.0 (Rev.No.: {EDE23986-7C05-42F7-9187-FB07AF83DBD3}) was the last - see: Create Affinity Diagrams with Microsoft Sticky Sorter

Website was:

Website now is:

File was:

File now is:

Refer DCF discussion Re: lightweight software for organizing notes? (not web-based)

Nifty feature: You could output/edit the stickes' contents in an Excel or CSV file.


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