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Free course on Hugo, a static site generator written in Go

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Haven't gotten too far yet... but you do have a very pleasing, clear, and calm voice.  I never could do that on voice overs. :)  I'm at Lesson 5 so far, and I'm glad that you didn't rush into the topic, even though a lot of it I knew.  More of a comparison to other static generators would have been a nice thing... I'm liking hugo better than jekyll already!

Good show... and I'll let you know how it progresses.

That's good to hear about the voice - I don't want to be stressing anyone out. And that's a great idea to do more of a comparison of other static generators, with a summary and pros/cons. I could add that as a lesson.

Thanks for the feedback, it's extremely helpful (and I look forward to more as you get farther on)


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