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Free course on Hugo, a static site generator written in Go

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I jumped on the static site generator bandwagon a little less than a year ago. As with most things, I spent quite a bit of time researching a load of options to find the "best" one. I really liked Hugo and its speed, and have used it to run the new site I created ever since. I hit a lot of snags when I was initially setting up the site, and I felt like that might keep others from using Hugo.

I'd also wanted to create a course on Udemy, so I created a course on Hugo. As a sort of beta test, it's free with a discount link until the end of the month.

Here's the link to sign up for the free course (It will be valid until 31 Jan 2015 at the stroke of midnight)

Feedback or questions would be much appreciated. It's easy to forget things that make sense now, but didn't when I first started using it.

And even if you don't choose Hugo but you start using another static site generator, I think you'll like the workflow. I really enjoy writing my content in Markdown and being able to git push to publish.

Neat!!  I spent some time recently learning and playing with Go (see here).

Cool. I have played with Go too and I really like it. I've read a few books and have thought about creating something with it, but I haven't carved out the time yet. It's a lot of fun to experiment with different languages. It's harder to sit down and work through a project and fix all the bugs, especially when you're just starting out :)

Nice... I've signed up.  Thanks for the discount!  I'd not heard of hugo before, and this is a good time to look at expanding past Wordpress in my website skillset.  Thanks!

You're very welcome, thanks for signing up :up:

You may have seen it already, but I go over how I converted a Wordpress theme to use with Hugo. It might help you make sense of Hugo's templates since you're already familiar with Wordpress.

And please let me know about any questions, mistakes or just general comments.


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