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More General Ludum Dare fun


Thread for more general Ludum Dare adventures.

A few fellas have asked about my LD enthusiasm. I like to say it's like 20 parallel universe copies of the 1980's! (Because the 2-3 day time limit counters the older hardware of the times.) Plus, they feel like there is no stress - enjoy, or not, the games as they are - they're not part of the Memes of the Times. No one cares that I got a four miner win in Undermined.

And they feel accessible. I don't have the concentration to mount a 300 hour campaign against a lot of A-list titles. So I can float around these, even "nostaligically" play a few that look like 1983 all over again, and four to seven hours later, go on with my life.

Here is some basic info about the full series of LD. (Heavily edited from the site.)
#0    Apr 2002    Indirect Interaction (Beta (24h))    
#1    Jul 2002    Guardian    
#2    Nov 2002    Construction/Destruction (Minor: Sheep)    
#3    Apr 2003    Preparation – Set it up, let it go    
#4    Apr 2004    Infection
#5    Oct 2004    Random    
#6    Apr 2005    Light and Darkness    
#7    Dec 2005    Growth    
#8    Apr 2006    Swarms    
#8.5 Jan 2007    Moon / Anti-text (24h)    
#9    Apr 2007    Build The Level You Play    
#10    Dec 2007    Chain Reaction    
#10.5 Feb 2008    Weird / Unexpected / Surprise    
#11    Apr 2008    Minimalist    
#12    Aug 2008    The Tower    
#13    Dec 2008    Roads    
#14    Apr 2009    Advancing Wall of Doom    
#15    Aug 2009    Caverns    
#16    Dec 2009    Exploration    
#17    Apr 2010    Islands
#18    Aug 2010    Enemies as Weapons
#19    Dec 2010    Discovery    
#20    Apr 2011    It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!
#21    Aug 2011    Escape    
#22    Dec 2011    Alone    
#23    Apr 2012    Tiny World    
#24    Aug 2012    Evolution    
#25    Dec 2012    You are the Villain
#26    Apr 2013    Minimalism
#27    Aug 2013    10 Seconds
#28    Dec 2013    You Only Get One    

Meanwhile, the site guy is changing his layout. I have to look at it more to figure it out.

Hmm. With the site changes, it's getting harder to drill down and deep.

Remember for ex, there's 2500 games in the last few entries, and several hundred in the last ten+.

But I'm having trouble getting to a "brute access" list of the entries.

I think the fastest "hack" for us (quasi/otherwise) techie types is the hack like this:

Using the idea that deep pages never die, only the front ends do ...
This is the page for the compo for "Alone".

So we can just change that number to be ... Anything from 15 and up. (I don't yet know how to drill cleanly below that.)


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