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SPAM reaching epidemic proportions

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Carol Haynes:
I don't know about others but I am finding that I am receiving spam at an alarming rate these days (at least 3 x a s much as my normal mail - often more).

A lot of it comes from people simply blitzing my ISPs email address systems with exvery conceivable combination of carol in the persoanl part of the address - which is damn annoying.

I am also finding my own domain names are becoming susceptible to spam too. I have just set up filters so that only email addressed to specific email addresses are allowed though on my own domains and everything else is redirected to [email protected] - a free dumping service!

More worrying though is that one of my addresses seems to be a target for the spoofers - I am getting loads of 'mail undeliverable' messages from ISPs - and they look like genuine notifications. Is there any way to stop this - otherwise I am likely to get my domains blocked by antispam organisations?

The big problem is that I have various spam filtering options on my computer and 99.5% of spam is correctly identified. The trouble is that part of the 0.5% of wrong stuff includes some personal mail that is incorrectly classified as spam so I have to wade through pages of email headers for Viagra and harder erections!!!

What do other people do or am I suffering worse than most from the spam blitz?

i am finding a similar situation to yours carol, things seem to be getting worse..
my strategy has been:
1) keep a variety of emails, some of which are only given out to real humans, etc. and some only for signing up places.
2) my spam filter throws everything into a folder that i scan once a week for real mail that is falsely marked for spam.

people using these things that require a real human to go to a web page and verify they are human seem like they would go along way to solving issues.. i wish i had the luxury to require people who email me to do this but i think it would be unfair to them to make them jump through such hoops.

i really wish we had some harsh laws penalizing spammers..

Carol Haynes:
The trouble with the 'real human' test is that it would kill email newsletters - how would you fancy manually verifying every DC newsletter that is posted ?

Carol Haynes:
Does anyone know a filter system (like MailWasher) that allows you to define complex rules ... if I could specify something like:

if header contains more than 3 copies of "carol" delete mail

it would be really useful as I could get rid of about 50% of my rubbish in one go.


Mailwasher will allow such a filter as it handles regular expressions.  This page has lots of examples that may help you out.



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