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If you're developing a game, here's the way you should feel about it!


Here's how a good developer feels about his projects!
(or maybe he's just a good seller :P)

Problably a great game that will glue many people (including me) to the screen :P

I didn't know that any MMOs had an ending. Why would people keep playing if they did? He makes it sound fun, but it also sounds like any other MMO involving orcs and elves and dragons.

I did like his definition of the American Immersion, although his definition of Imagination sounded like  Fanaticism. Buy the shirts, draw pictures, talk to everyone you know about it, think a week ahead of time what you're going to do in the game. If only every company's clients were like that.

This guy is hilarious. I can just see him banging his action figures together with those dramatic arm motions.

- Oshyan


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