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IDEA: Windows 8.1 "Show Desktop" to do "Win + M" from "Win + D"

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i am not sure if it is compatible with Win 8.1 but have you tried this app, "Show Desktop"? it has an option to toggle between two different ways of showing the desktop.

-lanux128 (October 01, 2014, 06:03 AM)
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Thank you SO MUCH lanux128, i have tried and its working with win 8.1. it has this method of minimizing windows, that is exactly what i needed, thanks again for the suggestion. bless you.

if still confusing let me know and i will upload screenshot of my desktop tomorrow.-summersyed (October 01, 2014, 01:55 PM)
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No need.  I was simply going to suggest the WinMinimizeAll and WinMinimizeUndo AutoHotkey commands that are used in the script that Lanux mentioned.

Glad the program Lanux linked worked for you.

WinMinimizeAll does the trick as the author of the script I linked was doing the same thing.  The difficulty is the Show Desktop panel apparently can never get the focus and so cannot be the active window.  Probably the way to do it is get mouse position after the click and see if it is over that panel.  Other than that it's just a few lines of code.


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