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IDEA: Windows 8.1 "Show Desktop" to do "Win + M" from "Win + D"

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Hi guys,

as most of you will be aware with the show desktop feature in the windows, which is in the system tray on bottom right of your screen.

I need a tweak or registry edit to make it do "Win + M" Minimize all Windows, instead of "Win + D" show desktop.

Reason is it hides my gadgets and docks, while Win + M keep those on the desktop and just minimizes the windows.

any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, and sorry mods if i posted my first post in the wrong section. please move it to right section.


I didn't realize when I suggested you post here that you wanted a hotkey substitution.  I was thinking of detecting when the mouse clicks the Show Desktop.  If the hotkey sub is all you need it's an easy one.

--- ---#d::#m

Compile or run it using Autohotkey.  You can put a shortcut in StartUp folder to have it start with Windows.

Nah bro, you understood exactly right, i need a solution for clicking "show desktop" with the mouse arrow. not the hotkey. i use show desktop way too much in daily use, so that is what i need.

i am not sure if it is compatible with Win 8.1 but have you tried this app, "Show Desktop"? it has an option to toggle between two different ways of showing the desktop.

"large image alert"IDEA: Windows 8.1 "Show Desktop" to do "Win + M" from "Win + D"


Stoic Joker:
I don't have any gadgets to test the behavior with, I quit using them after that security issue that MS decided not to fix ... But would something like this work?

Create a text file in Notepad as follows:


Save it as Show Desktop.scf then drag it to the Quick launch bar

Also (once again no gadgets here), I take it that neither the hover peak desktop, or click show desktop actions give the desired results...yes?


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