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Win9 will be FREE!

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Well I'll be damned......... Win9 will be free  :Thmbsup:


I will believe it when I see it. ;)

I think that's consequence.

I've read that upcoming Windows versions will be "rolling releases" anyway, with Windows "9" being the last or next-to-last "full release"; the code for in-place upgrades is already in "milestone previews".

I suspect it's not going to be any major change/s, and hopefully they will finally get the desktop aspect 'in order'.
That should have been done long ago under the Win8 unbrella anyways.

Not quite. (emphasis added below)

Andreas Diantoro, the president of Microsoft Indonesia, confirms that Windows 9 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 8 users.
--- End quote ---

It's a free "upgrade" for people who own Windows 8. That excludes a lot of people, myself included. So no, Windows 9 will not be free.


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