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Win9 will be FREE!

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've read that upcoming Windows versions will be "rolling releases" anyway,
-Tuxman (September 29, 2014, 07:02 AM)
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That's because Microsoft will soon be shifting completely over to a subscription model for their OS. Just like they are doing with MS Office, which is gradually transitioning over to Office 365.

Since you'll be paying monthly or annually, a rolling release is the only thing that would make sense once their 'boxed' products get pulled off the market.

Figure within the next three years give or take.

Monthly for an OS?  More chance of me winning a dance contest than that succeeding

^I don't think they really care.  :P

Seriously, their big money is from corporate, institutional, and government. As long as Word and Excel are the dominant desktop apps - and .NET rules the waves for custom apps - Windows future is secure. Home users will pay the toll, or do without updates, after something like one year following purchase. Especially if OEM Windows gets replaced by a 1 or 2-year subscription copy.

Besides, everybody thought Adobe was committing suicide with their Creative Suite. Last I heard, it's working beautifully for them. And pretty well for their customers too. Intuit disables online functions on Quickbooks and Quicken after a certain amount of time. It'll only be a matter of time before they pull shrinkwrap and standalone versions from the market and follow Microsoft and Adobe.

The subscription model is very doable for any software title that completely dominates its market. Excel, Word, Photoshop, Quicken, etc. are good examples of apps that could (or already do) easily survive completely as subscription-only products.

Ditto for Windows as an OS. Subscription licensing was the only way to buy mainframe and minicomputer software a few decades ago. UNIX, VMS, VAX, and all the old operating systems used to be "sold" that way. And that way only.

It's all coming back in one big circle IMO.

"So it goes." 8)

there is an unconfirmed report containing some unconfirmed information regarding the unconfirmed release of an O/S that may or may not be called Windows 9 by the purported releaser.
Since previous information regarding the purported release seemed to confuse some readers about the price of the product being released we will not confirm nor deny any previously reported reports. Since this purported release is purportedly an upgrade to Win8/Win8.1 it would seem to have little interest to users not running one of those O/Ss..... we could be wrong?
We assume no liability for any information published by the publishing author and questions regarding the published data should be directed to them.
This URL may or may not work and if it fails Google may be able to find the same or similar information for your perusal.
Have a nice day  :D

Monthly for an OS?  More chance of me winning a dance contest than that succeeding
-rgdot (September 29, 2014, 06:20 PM)
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I thought the same thing about office... but have you looked at the offering?  I'm actually thinking of subscribing for office 365.  For $7 a month you get it on one machine, one tablet, as many mobile devices as you want, online, you can save offline documents, and you get 1TB of data.  For $10 a month- you multiply all of those by 5(!).  In comparison, most services are that much or more just for less storage...!


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