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File too long for Recycle Bin

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This seems circular.  I've contributed my small knowledge of the issue.  I don't have the problem so I'm not really in search of a solution.  Evidently you feel likewise.

I appreciate your input, MilesAhead, and I am traveling in circles, especially mentally  :-[
I've continued to research this phenomenon and am getting more confused with each click.

1. The file history feature only applies to Win8.1 and Win8.1RT so if you're not running one of those O/Ss you would have no way of knowing what's going on with my system.

2. The file history feature only works on Library files, such as Documents, etc. The files giving me trouble weren't in a Library folder. They weren't even on the boot drive. They appeared when I moved the folder from C:\All Downloads to D:\ Save, so they were never even in a Library folder.

3. File History is turned OFF on this machine!
That being the case there was no file history, deleting file history didn't actually do Anything and why clicking on it allowed me to delete the unwanted file is a mystery again  :huh:

I've scrolled through hundreds of folders looking for more of the unwanted files but none were found. I've been unable to duplicate the event by downloading the files from that newsletter again.
Leaving me nowhere  >:( . I can't run any more tests until I get more of those files and that may be a year or more away  :-\

I'm betting that with an O/S other than 8.1 the solution lies in the permissions. I tried editing the permissions in the last files I found and allowing Everyone full control let me delete them from the HDD, bypassing the Recycle Bin.
That's all I know  :-[
Thanks again for your input and if or when I get a similar event I shall return.


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