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Do you use a Portrait mode monitor?

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Thanks for bringing this topic up, as it encouraged me to try it, and now I've switched to using my central 22" monitor in portrait mode, while the ones on the left and the right are in landscape mode.

It turned out that there were several applications that worked better for me in portrait mode. The obvious one is writing (e.g. with WriteMonkey), as it allows me to see a lot more of the text--and therefore the context--of whatever paragragh I was working on. Another one is reading PDFs, as mentioned before, and most web pages (especially due to the latest craze to format web pages in tablet-sized screen chunks piled up vertically - you know what I mean...).

Also, any apps that have long lists (or long pages) work better in portrait mode, as there is less scrolling involved. E.g. WorkFlowy (to-do lists), ConnectedText (list of wiki documents, or long individual docs). And of course email.

I was surprised to see that even Google Calendar worked better in portrait view, as there was no need to scroll, so all the events of the week were visible at a glance.

But I'm sticking with landscape view for Dopus, especially with dual panes and file preview on.

Also, any apps that have long lists (or long pages) work better in portrait mode, as there is less scrolling involved.
-dr_andus (September 02, 2014, 05:30 PM)
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That's what I find. I'm using my portrait monitor more than the others now as it's far better for long text. Combined with text window splitting (Word and Visual Studio), it makes life a lot easier. Scrolling just takes too much time compared to moving your eyeballs.

Although it seems to me that my old and low-end LG monitors were designed to be looked at downwards in landscape mode. Now that I've rotated them, I need to move my body to the left and turn my head to be able to see images clearly... It's fine for reading and writing, though.

My last LG monitor was a CRT. It was really good. But, that was a while back. CRTs are kinda hard to rotate too. :)

I've got 2 x 19" 5:4 - one portrait for web coding and the other landscape for everything else.  Some images are portrait mode, which look small on the landscape monitor,so that's a bonus having two monitors.

But I like bacon too.  :)


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