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Do you use a Portrait mode monitor?

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I'm still using a landscape+portrait configuration. Landscape still works best for many things but email and anything involving text generation where A4 / letter is conceptually or actually the output target tends to get done on my portrait monitor.

Where I've got just one screen to work on, it's always landscape. But -- particularly with widescreen monitors -- I often find the lack of vertical realestate annoying.

I do try to arrange screens and chairs so that I'm looking down -- if only slightly -- rather than up. The top of my portrait screen is about at eye level.

I would say -- probably an irrelevance to many -- that I had to recalibrate the colour of the portrait screen as a direct result of rotating it. I can't say I ever really understood why, but the whites are more yellow when the screen's portrait...

Don't know if this is in any way helpful... I think this really is one of those things where what works for one person won't necessarily work for another!

I'm very grateful for this thread to have given me the impetus to try a portrait monitor, as I've been using one, in fact two (side-by-side), every day, ever since then. I also have a third monitor in landscape mode, as normally I find that I need both orientations during a working day.

Thankfully one can buy rotating monitors these days, so it's a trivial matter to rotate them as the need changes, sometimes several times a day. But it's mainly portrait-portrait-landscape for me (from left to right), with the central portrait monitor facing me.

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P.S. @mouser - I don't have a problem with angling the head. I drop the edge of the portait monitors right down to desk level, slightly tilted, so my eye level with my head held straight is towards the top quartile. But the landscape one needs to be on a stand, so I can just rotate my head, instead of having to look down. So as long as your desk is the correct height ergonomically, the portait monitor should be fine.


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