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Diamond Editor, multi-platform successor to Crimson Editor

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It wouldn't, unless he did X session forwarding over SSH.  Geany is graphical, so you'd either do that or VNC.  You want text editing in a SSH session?  That's what vim/emacs/pico/nano/ed are for.  Maybe that was the point; he's a freshman, so he wouldn't know.  :-[

I installed it. It works!
There ain't no Delete button on the tool bar!
For a two-fingered it ain't!

That's not why I called.
If the amount of information flowing, in all media, is any indication, the world will survive without another text editor.
A web page may run to 125kb and deliver a whopping 5 or 6kb of useable information.

So, the real reason I called.
With your talent and experience, I would suggest that your time would be better spent developing a tool to reduce that 125kb byte count back to 5 or 6kb.
I realize, of course, that the 125kb is necessary because there are many people to be paid and that pay is generated by that extra 120kb.
BUT, once I've read the page, subscribed to several sites, a couple of newsletters and purchased a tube of wrinkle remover, that extra 120kb has done it's job. And, I want to save the page! Tutorials are nice! Any information of enlightenment about the registry I rathole too. Now, my question is???
To save a 5 or 6kb tutorial to disk, must I also save that 120kb of glitzey, flashing, glowing, and sometimes offense, material?
I say not!
And then think about the cloud. Ninety percent of the material going to the various cloud storage facilities is wasting space.
Does the cloud have infinite stage available? And the time to retrieve stuff from the cloud that's 90% worthless. :huh:

In lieu of inserting ads, etc., in web pages that will self destruct upon download, I'm suggesting that you, yes you, develop a reverse engineering tool! A reverse editor? Take out everything meant for FB, Twitter, and all the others and the CSS, .js, and php stuff. Meta data gotta go too!
A selective tool...... highlight a meta data insertion and allow me to delete it. Jump to the next insertion, another choice, jump again. Finished with meta data, move to javascript.... same drill. php start at the top and use the same drill. Always a choice to delete left to the user.
Seems like a piece of cake to me but you have to remember, I don't know nothing and it's taken years to prove it! :D

There's no hurry. It's the weekend. Wait until tomorrow to start!
 ;D 8)

(Please don't thank me, it was nothing!)

With your talent and experience, I would suggest that your time would be better spent developing a tool to reduce that 125kb byte count back to 5 or 6kb.-Cuffy (August 03, 2014, 05:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

You scoff but I wrote some of the finest batch files I ever wrote on Edlin! :D

and, it's not well known, but Finnegan reported the biggest train derailment ever using Edlin.
Off again...
On again...
Gone again...

Edlin was simple and effective.
It was a vast improvement over the leaky, ballpoint pen, that many of had to endure.


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