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Diamond Editor, multi-platform successor to Crimson Editor

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From a post in the Crimson Editor Yahoo! Group:
Since development of the Crimson Editor ceased several years ago, I decided it was time to create a new project with similar features and functionality.

I am officially announcing the Diamond Editor.
Diamond is a full editor capable of running on Windows, X11, and OS X. Diamond was designed and developed in C++ and is available for the following platforms:

Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit
Debian (Wheezy) Fedora 20 Ubuntu 14.04
OS X 10.7

Windows installers, binaries for X11, and a dmg for OS X can be downloaded from:

Diamond is open source and released under the GPL. Any questions and comments can be posted on the discussion area on the SourceForge  forum: 
Thank you,

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I'm playing around with it on Windows 8.  I clicked Column Mode in edit menu.  But I sure can't figure out how to select a column.  Most seem to work by holding Alt while dragging the mouse from the bottom up.  No matter what I do it selects by line.

The basic editor window looks interesting.  But also I notice no RegEx support in search.

I'm always on the lookout for good plain text editors.  If there's a killer feature I hope someone will tip me off to it.  :)

I clicked Column Mode in edit menu.  But I sure can't figure out how to select a column.
The basic editor window looks interesting.  But also I notice no RegEx support in search.
-MilesAhead (July 27, 2014, 04:54 PM)
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Quoting part of another message in the Yahoo! Group for Crimson Editor:
By column mode I am guessing you are referring to column copy, cut, and paste. Yes, this is in Diamond however right now it works by using the keyboard, not the mouse. The mouse of course works everywhere else. This task is a bit complicated but it will get there. I wanted to announce Diamond and see how it is received.

Please feel free to download and give Diamond a spin. If you just want to read some  documentation here is a link: Thanks for your interest.

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I tried Diamond 1.1 on Vista Home Premium last night, and found that it currently only does Unix line ends, not Windows CR/LF.  I immediately uninstalled it...  a bit unkind, perhaps, especially as it's a very young project.  I wish they'd make it no-install, so testing new versions didn't involve Windows installation tedium.

But also I notice no RegEx support in search.-MilesAhead (July 27, 2014, 04:54 PM)
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Later versions of Crimson Editor (since 2002!) do have regexps; see the What's New listing on Homepage of Crimson Editor.

I had good service from Crimson Editor at work a few years back, and therefore have an affection for it.  However, I'd guess most people will point you to Notepad++.  NPP is, after all, a genuinely active project.

Thanks for the info. I uninstalled too.  Maybe I'll check it out again later.  :)

Interested because I can't find one damn editor on Linux that will do what Notepad++ or TextPad will do.  They each do bits and pieces of what I need, and the rest can be accomplished with sed and whatnot, but dammit, I just want one text editor that is more than a notepad, and less than an IDE.  I'd heard that Sublime Text can do everything I need, but the price of admission is a bit steep for me.  Diamond won't compile for me, so trying the binary...


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