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Can't work out how to get more than 4 suggestions

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Hitting the Pause/Break button brings up my Farr and it always shows 4 links. While these are frequently used files, I would like to see more (10-15). Also, these 4 files all have a score of 100. I have other files that I set to higher scores, why don't they show up? Once I enter something into the blank field, Farr does populate with more and shows also higher scores. Am I misunderstanding what should show up before you type? I played around with the settings under Launch/Search History but don't quite understand how to use History Options / Blank Searches and Ignore History Scores.

I'm a basic FARR user.
When you open FARR first it will show files/shortcuts that were launched via FARR. If it's newly installed it will only show a couple, but this does sound different...

Have a look at display settings - see the mouse point in below screenshot:

Can't work out how to get more than 4 suggestions

that might help (?)

PS the 'score' varies according to what you're searching for - as I type e.g. p a l e - Pale Moon gets a higher score after each letter typed.
If the entry field is empty, all listed are @ 100


thanks for your help.  My settings under Display Options is more or less the same as yours (Farr1) - I think History Options is the issue (Farr2) . My aim is to have more than 4 files show when I bring Farr to the foreground (Farr 3).

Are you sure you have more than 4 items in your launch history?
Check the "Launch History" tab in options, near bottom.

you are correct of course (and why wouldn't you as this is your baby  :Thmbsup:) - the 4 files/programs from the screenshot show up plus another four programs that I must have unticked a long time ago because I don't want them to clutter the view.
However, why are other searches that resulted in files being clicked/chosen not added to these 4?


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