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Can't work out how to get more than 4 suggestions

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why are other searches that resulted in files being clicked/chosen not added to these 4?
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they certainly should be.

however, there are cases where they wouldn't be.  there is a setting to disable adding new items to the launch history you may have enabled, or if they are items on a network drive there is an option to not add those.
also note that non-file items are not added to the launch history list.

hmmm, just did some more testing and now I have 5 files there, so 1 of the the new files "stuck". I also opened "pattern scoring" and notice that 2 files I regularly use are listed there with high scores. Would a record in here prevent them from showing up in the initial blank search?
This would indicate that giving a high score to a file or search means that once I start typing it will show up more quickly but before doing any typing it will not be considered as an option?


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