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Again: Black window captured

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Sorry to put this evergreen on the table again.

While using Win7 64 and SC 8.4.5 or SC 4.8 I encountered the following again and again:
Taking screenshots of the active window results in black interior. First I thought it should be connected to the type of software to be captured - that would be casual games.
Then I discovered the same effect occurs with some regular Windows programs too. One example would be Inkscape.
In another thread I found that some folks had similar problems and were able to solve them by identifying security software. Now I use Eset as my AV protection. I tried gamer mode to no avail. I also tried deactivating Eset: same thing, black window interior.

Taking screenshots of the current game in full screen mode worked fine, as opposed to other experiences earlier.
Taking screenshots while playing in windowed mode also worked if captured the entire screen. This time the window is not all black.
Now the really annoying thing: I tried another screenshot program and wouldn't you know - it worked just fine in windowed mode. In case anybody wants to know: It is Greenshot.

All that stuff did never occur in earlier times with good ole XP.

Try this:
Go to the options tab labeled "Window Capturing 1" and uncheck the box marked "Try to capture Aero Glass transparency effects".

See if that solves it.

I thought this was a typo for "Again: Black Widow captured"


Also illustrates the usefulness of Aero Glass when capturing. I'd rather not uncheck that option.


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