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Free Web Space if you already have free domain?

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Is anyone using free web space for an existing free domain?  Search is difficult because all the hits offer a free domain if you sign up.  I already have a free .tk domain. I'm looking to try out a web creation tool and thought I might as well put it up on a real site instead of using a simulator. What I want to do is dummy up a few sample web pages.  See if I can get some work.

DotTK apparently has free DNS service if I can find a spot to plunk on.  I don't really know what html5 is.  But I want to find out.  :)

Edit: I should add I don't want a site that forces you to use their picture dragging tool etc.. I want to be able to upload the html files produced by this tool I'm trying ..(  Deleted tool link. I'm not spamming the site creation tool after all  )  

dropbox allows to run html5, just put the folder of your app in the public folder and share the public link of the html file

Some DVCS sites such as BitBucket and Github allow you to run a repository as a website.

You can then set up a custom CNAME for your domain to point to the DVCS, which makes it look like you've got the content hosted on your domain.

Thank you both for the info.   :Thmbsup:

I have tried out quite a few free hosts over the last couple of years, and the ability to work with .tk domain names was a requirement.

They all have had their pitfalls, but the one I have liked most was 503 Hosting.

As long as you are not running a forum or something similarly heavy, it will work ok. There can be some issues with sending email through your site (such as receiving notifications from a Wordpress blog) but that can be expected with a lot of free hosts, due to abuse by spammers. Sometimes the email works well, sometimes not at all. Sometimes it works well with one site you have hosted there, but not at all with another.

If you need reliable email, you might as well go with paid hosting, and if you can spare the cash, I do have a friend that owns a hosting company with plans starting as low as $3 per year (that plan is good enough for 1 small low-traffic website).


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