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Efficiently view set of .htm files, one after another

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I have a set of 1000 .htm files in a folder.  I'd like to quickly and efficiently view each of these in my web browser (Chrome), one after the other.

As of present I drag each file onto the browser window.  That keeps only one tab open and active.

x1000 drags.  What a drag.

What I would prefer..., is to use, say, the up-arrow key or right-arrow key to automatically bring next-in-line .htm file in.

So, just single press, arrow key, next file loaded, in single tab.  Arrow key, arrow key, arrow key.

Easy peasy.

I do this with images in an image viewing program.  I'd like to be able to do the same with .htm files.

(and, ideally, a set of web links in a folder as well)

Does anyone know of a way to do this?  Or some other great approach?  Seems pretty basic, huh?  Surely others have seen the potential utility.  And, if not, maybe someone can write a little program?

Thanks much.

Nicholas Kormanik

Nice idea.

One certainly could make an html viewer tool which did as you suggest, using an embedded web browser, which would be fast.

But there would also be some some use for a generic utility that showed a list of files and as you "arrowed-down" through them would cause them to be opened in another program.

Nick, if I write a quickie viewer using an embedded web browser, it'll use the IE engine.  Is this an issue?

Skwire, not an issue at all, from my standpoint.  I'd love to see it.

What mouser suggests -- a list of .htm or url link files at one side of screen, arrow down or up to view the .htm files in the other part of the screen -- sounds good.  Only issue there would be giving up the screen real estate that the list of files would require.  But, still, nice idea.

Surprised there isn't already a way to do this....

There could be a cheesy Macro way to do it that would work in several browsers.  It could work like this:  Click the browser with the mouse to make it active, hit hotkey(which saves the window handle and also opens a Folder select dialog.) select folder.  The tray hotkey would then read all htm files into an array.  When you hit the arrow, if the original browser window is the active window the normal arrow function is superseded and the filename is pasted into the addressbar using file:// etc..

Seems like Opera FF chrome and IE control l makes the addressbar active and selects all text.  A simple Send should paste in the file path and hit Enter. A bit clunky but that's Macro.  :)


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