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Efficiently view set of .htm files, one after another

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Maybe a side track but you know that an epub file is just a load of .htm files zipped up?-elvisbrown (May 20, 2014, 06:04 AM)
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Thanks!  Yes, I did know this.  However, there are plenty of epub viewers out there that are eminently more capable than Mass HTML Viewer (I need to come up with a better name).

I have a set of 1000 .htm files in a folder.  I'd like to quickly and efficiently view each of these in my web browser (Chrome), one after the other. ...
-nkormanik (May 01, 2014, 08:01 PM)
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I've been following this thread for a while as I have a very similar requirement to @nkormanik's, with the difference that my HTML files (documents) are in a library numbering several thousands of documents, having been gathered from the Internet over several years of browsing and saving using the Firefox Scrapbook extension.
At the moment, the only way I can view these files is with a browser, and the easiest way is via the Firefox Scrapbook tree-viewer, which only works in Firefox. The content of the files themselves is searchable using either Windows desktop search or the built-in Scrapbook search, and the files are categorised into subject folders in the Firefox Scrapbook tree-viewer. Those folders are proprietary folders for Scrapbook and invisible to the desktop search or Windows Explorer.
What I need is a viewer that can enable me to retain categorisation and search and read the documents at speed. I have considered exporting the files as .MHT or .MAFF format, but then they are not amenable to any existing viewer other than a browser - or not that I am aware of anyway. So there is no point (no gain) in exporting them. At least in Scrapbook database form, they are categorised and searchable, though it's all a bit kludgy. I have considered using WizNote or InfoSelect8, but see some constraints to getting what I want from those.


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