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Development Cleaning Suite Submission

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Here is my initial submission for this contest.  The suite is fully functional and has performed well for me (I just cleaned 400+ MB of temporary files from my development machine).

The "Development Cleaning Suite" (DCS) is a utility that provides a cleanup handler for Widows 2000 and above.  Additionally, the suite includes a configuration tool as well as an independant host (DCSUtil) for the handler - providing for additional benefits and more advanced features.

You can download the installation and a PDF file explaining everything (8 pages) from the bottom of this page.

I won't start on help files until the tool is finished due to major screen changes.

An example of its presence with the Windows Disk Cleanup Tool:

Clicking the "Review" button shows a detailed view of all files found and allows you to indicate which files should / should not be deleted.

Using the DCSUtil to perform the scan/purge

Here is a screen shot of the configurator

Note: Although I have thoroughly tested the provided tools please test carefully.  By default, all deletions are sent to the recycle bin.

looks great  :Thmbsup:

i'm trying to think if there are cases where .obj files are needed and shouldn't be deleted (if so might want to disable that one by default).

ps. users with old versions of windows pay heed, this is for Widows 2000 and above.

some suggestions (you asked!):

1) i can't imagine too many cases of wanting to apply different masks in different directories, so having to specify same dirs for each mask seems really painful.  better to just have a single list of dirs i think.
2) and then a list of masks (with checkboxes to let you temporarily disable each?)

3) the ability to drag and drop folders (or a shell extension) to scan a folder (and children) would be to me my #1 request, especially for testing purposes.

4) i think it pays to explain more about how DCS integrates into Windows Disk Cleanup and how to use Windows Disk Cleanup; it's not something i am familiar with and i bet im not alone, and its one of the unique features about this app that people might like.

5) results might also be a candidate for not putting each dif mask on its own tab (have to check each tab to see whats scheduled for deletion might be a bit cumbersome).

just some ideas - feel free to ignore :)


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