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Possible bug? xchat 64bit,debian testing

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I cannot seem to reproduce your issue on my end using openssl-1.0.1e compiled from scratch.

I've modified the build script to download a specific version of openssl, build it, and link when building mcps.
This modification is not yet in the master branch, but you can get it from or as a handy .zip file right here

Can you please then run the build script as follows:

--- ---./ nix64bit 1.0.1e
This should download openssl 1.0.1e, the same version you're using already, build it and link against the just built version.
Please let me know if this behaves any differently from your previous test.

 I'm sorry that I didn't reply I'm busy with many things. Thanks for answering I will retry it and let you know the above days :)

Sorry for been late. I checked once again today and I'm having same problem, no idea why


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