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Possible bug? xchat 64bit,debian testing

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Hi all, I test today mircryption and looks promices ... I'm using debian testing (jessie) and xchat 64bit. I compile it through source without problems now whenever i make /keyx , xchat crashes just let you know if possible bug. Thank you I'll wait for a reply, very nice website and work guys :)

I forget to say I'm using OpenSSL 1.0.1e (11 Feb 2013) atm I have test channel encryption and msges looks that problem exists only when doing /keyx (crashes), when other send their DH1080 works proper. For any other tests let me know, last thing many users move from Xchat to new one (looks fork) HexChat it will be a great feature if it works there too :)

hi qiutet,
did you use the version from my github repo?

if not, please try this one first and see if the issue persists.
if it does i can take a look at it :)

Too bad gjehle the issue still exists, let me know if any further informations needed. The only issue is as i describe above with /keyx and i already told you OS and OpenSSL version if something else can help or want me to do some tests or something let me know :)

Just wanted to give a quick heads up. I'm currently a bit busy with work and private matters to immediately dig into this issue.
However, I've got a vacation coming up end of next week and if I didn't manage to already take a closer look at it by then, I will for sure during my vacation :)


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