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Multiple Monitor Problem

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Windows 7 Pro - 64bit.

Ok I have duplicated the setup exactly, and i can't reproduce the problem.

So let me take a guess about what could be causing it on your machine.

The way that a capture selection operation works is that it essentially STARTS out by capturing the entire workspace (all monitors) and then overlays that over the workspace (all monitors) using a window with no borders or titlebar.

Now I'm guessing that maybe what's happening is that you have a program running in the background that is designed to move any windows that it *thinks* are "off-screen" back on screen.

Such a program could be *mistakenly* thinking that SC's capture selection overly window is "off screen" since in your unusual monitor setup, the upper left corner of the window is indeed out of view.

Might this be possible?  Can you check to see if you might be running such a tool?

Initially I worried that it might be a built-in feature of windows 7, but having tested this out now in an identical setup it seems not, so it would seem to have to be a third party tool.

You are correct about the program running in the background. I have NVIDIA nView running and one of its features is to not let a window span across multiple monitors when you are moving it around. Disabling nView allows Screen Captor's "grab a region" to work as expected. I'm also able to modify nView to not mess with screen captor so the grab as region works w/nView enabled with these options.

Thanks for looking into this for me! I've been evaluating different screen capture programs and screen captor is definitely the best one out there.

Glad to hear it's sorted out :Thmbsup:

Props to Nvidia for allowing users to specify processes to exclude from the nView processing).


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