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Collage software recomendation

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Would anybody recommend collage software?  Once that might take around 25-30 photographs on the one page.


Picasa can make a collage - seems okay to me (I've only ever used it on a very small scale).

Select your photos:
menu: Create >Picture Collage

it's fairly intuitive from there:

* single-click an image - a 'dial' appears - you can rotate or zoom by dragging the pointer on the dial
* click + drag to move

There was just a new one posted on one of the good freeware blogs a couple of days ago that looked interesting.. i can't remember where i saw it though.. anyone?

You may get some more recommendations from this thread:
Simple means of joining images?

(I remembered I had made a post about Picasa there too.)

Thank you all for your suggestions, I'll take a look at them later.


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