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Collage software recomendation

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^Interesting, both as a tool, and because they actually charge you for it.

Didn't MSoft used to give most of that sort of thing away for free to Genuine Advantage holders? :huh:

The times they are a change-in' ;D

My favorite is Microsoft's ImageCollage. (this isn't a normal Microsoft product, it's put out -- and not really maintained -- by Microsoft Labs).-CWuestefeld (January 10, 2014, 12:35 PM)
--- End quote --- was made (by me) using Microsoft Image Collage 2008 (on XP or Vista). MS said version 2009 wouldn't run on my Vista, and (I don't think I remember) when I finally got a Win 7, I could not find my license key. It is of course merely $20, but I didn't want to pay for products that never are updated. Does it work on 64-bits Win 7 or 8?



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