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myWOT uninstall nightmare

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I had some issues when switching to another operating system (linux variety) on the same box and trying to set up WOT. I tried lots of fixes and found one that seems to work. I use DuckDuckGo and set it up to enable WOT and it works without going through the WOT registration again. DuckDuckGo does not track so that might help.

Instead of uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox, you should be able to hold down a shift key while starting it and then choose to reset to defaults.

For hash number, think of it as similar to an MD5 checksum - it could be composed of alphanumeric or just numeric characters.  It's probably what they use to personally identify your computer.
-4wd (December 05, 2013, 09:30 PM)
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"...hold down shift key while starting to reset to defaults..."
It worked on Firefox; way cool.

myWOT is looking more and more like crapware, as per this link.

I'd like to remove myWOT piecemeal from Seamonkey Portable, but I can't even find where it's listed in Preferences or Tools.
Typing about:config and searching for myWOT or weboftrust shows a ton of entries, but gives no way to remove them.
Plus I'd rather do a proper uninstall first, then go after the about:config lines, if I knew what file path and file they were in.

Having looked at the link @bit gave above and some of the comments regarding the addon, I have to wonder why:

You can even trust a company that:
a) Apparently continues to track you after you uninstall their software and don't tell you they are.
b) Allows results to be so skewed in the first place.
c) Wants you to sucker your friends into using their software, (more people to track?  I wonder ...), to counteract a sites rating.

Consider the negative reaction when Download Statusbar surreptitiously updated and went adware - the developer quickly reverted to the pre-adware version.

Yet people using WOT are OK with the software tracking their every web move?

Even when it's uninstalled?

I bet the myWOT site doesn't have a negative WOT rating nor is it likely to gain one considering the closed nature of the rating system.

Okay, I found myWOT in Add-Ons in Seamonkey Portable and did a proper uninstall.
Then I typed about:config in the address bar, followed by weboftrust, and there were the gazillion left-over entries that post heads-up warned about.
It won't allow 'delete' of the entries.
So what is the name of the file with all those entries and where is it located I wonder?
I'm reminded of an 'Aliens' quote; " who's laying all these eggs?..."

It won't allow 'delete' of the entries.
So what is the name of the file with all those entries and where is it located I wonder?
-bit (December 06, 2013, 11:49 PM)
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Right-click on an entry and select Reset, when you restart Firefox/Seamonkey/Thunderbird/etc, it should be gone.

ie. It's reset to its default value, which in the case of an non-default entry is non-existence  :)


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