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myWOT uninstall nightmare

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myWOT is 'my Web of Trust'.
If you install it, you can use it to selectively block websites, and benefit from data of other myWOT users to block others as well.
IOW, it's a glorified whitelist/blacklist add-on.

After installing on both Firefox and Seamonkey, I eventually concluded I could do the job just as well myself, and decided to uninstall it.
No problem with Firefox; just go to add-ons, find it, click uninstall, done...or so I thought.

I couldn't find how to locate and uninstall it from Seamonkey, so I ran a keyword Google on how to do this, and came up with this post, warning me that myWOT is itself a reputed snake-in-the-grass about allowing itself to be uninstalled.
Worst, myWOT reputedly persists in tracking you after it is 'uninstalled'.

Here is a quote from that person's warning about not using myWOT:
"Dear MyWot, what you are doing is tracking users after they "opt-out". This is malicious behaviour to say the least... and sure a privacy threat, weakening Firefox's privacy.

Therefore people: be aware that you'll need to remove about 250+ entries from your "about:config" section... or even better: for a complete uninstall of the MyWot Addon... open the "prefs.js" file with notepad and remove ALL lines that include "weboftrust" AND "mywot". Be sure not to miss the 3 hash numbers. When you're done cleaning all that from your browser, open up your clean little Firefox and breathe fresh air again."

Okay, well, I'm guess I'm not breathing the 'fresh air' yet.
Because according to his report, myWOT really isn't 'uninstalled' from Firefox yet, and I have no idea where to even look to do so in Seamonkey.

Does anybody please have any suggestion how to find and uninstall myWOT from both Firefox and Seamonkey, and be sure it really will be totally uninstalled?

PS - How would it be if I simply export my bookmarks, uninstall Firefox, then reimport the bookmarks and reset all my personal settings and reinstall all my favorite add-ons, except for myWOT?
Will that work, or is myWOT going to be a lurker and be hiding somewhere else as well?

I'm not quite sure what to do about uninstalling from Seamonkey.
Thank you.

The person who gave the original head's-up on this, says during uninstall from Firefox, "...Be sure not to miss the 3 hash numbers..."
What's a hash number?

Instead of uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox, you should be able to hold down a shift key while starting it and then choose to reset to defaults.

For hash number, think of it as similar to an MD5 checksum - it could be composed of alphanumeric or just numeric characters.  It's probably what they use to personally identify your computer.

Instead of uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox, you should be able to hold down a shift key while starting it and then choose to reset to defaults.
-4wd (December 05, 2013, 09:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

More DC advice gold!

While not WOT, I have junked up my copies of FF a few times, so that might be handy.


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