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myWOT uninstall nightmare

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Okay, for our next magic trick...
I just uninstalled myWOT from my Chrome browser.
Where and how to I find all those 250-odd hidden lines of leftover myWOT code and remove them from Chrome, please?
Typing about:config in Chrome's address bar only gives me an error mssg.

agreed, if the leftover information is enough to actually IDENTIFY you, and it's somehow doing that not using the normal way (cookies).. well i can't think of any justification for that -- and if it was done on purpose, and is actively being USED to identify people? that's NOT ok and needs to be called out in a serious way, and we should expect some answers.

i mean every site on the planet now tracks users with cookies.. and i don't quite understand how a site is identifying a WOT user without a plugin and without using cookies.

can someone explain that to me?

i'd just like to see some more evidence or explanation about that before i make up my mind..

-mouser (December 07, 2013, 11:54 PM)
--- End quote ---
How? Not sure. But for proof, please go here.
Please run a page keyword search for "" and read the entire entry posted there.

BTW, myWOT now teams up with Facebook [WRONG - please see below].
Please go here again:
Run a page search for these words, in quotes: "The big problem is now that Facebook pulls data from".
EDIT/UPDATE: Please go here again, and you'll find this entry, quote: "Pawel Reszka
I wouldn’t worry about WOT that much. Their reputation is already destroyed. They did it to themselves. Facebook doesn’t uses them to block sites anymore either."

More on myWOT's 'fall from grace'.
Please go here:

Quote: "MYWOT (, a small company from Finland headed by controversial co-founder Sami Tolvanen has recently been caught in another scam according to hundreds of anonymous reports. This time the MYWOT scam is minuscule (no one is suing MYWOT again) but has lead to public statements from Facebook concerning the truth about poorly designed MYWOT reputation system."

"MYWOT was caught purchasing Facebook likes, similar to when they were caught purchasing Twitter followers (image below) from two separate online suppliers. 24% of Web of Trust’s Facebook likes have been removed by Facebook, and more are suspected to shed from MYWOT.COM’s fake Facebook like total."

"Facebook also has since removed MYWOT as a partner due to unscrupulous activities found to be “not trustworthy” by Facebook executives. Facebook executives further state:"

“The decision to cancel our relationship with MYWOT is unfortunate, however, Facebook has found evidence of manipulation of companies on the MYWOT system. Facebook acknowledges that MYWOT has a open forum rated by internet peers, however the ranking system has substantial flaws.”
Facebook executive Matt Cohler also submits that “Facebook will be more careful in the future in regards to partnering with companies such as MYWOT.”

I still need to know how to check in Chrome if I got WOT completely uninstalled, or if it's still stealth tracking me, please. Thank you.

(edit): I can just export my Chrome bookmarks, uninstall it, run a registry cleaner, then reinstall Chrome and import the bookmarks.



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