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Latest beta features:

v1.08.01 - December 1, 2013

* [Feature] Portable zip now uses ConfigDir_Default.ini which is overridden by the presence of a ConfigDir.ini file, so users unpacking the contents won't overwrite any custom ConfigDir.ini  they may have.
* [Feature] Now using a dual package (installer and portable zip), with portable zip preconfigured for portable use.
* [Feature] Installer and executable are now signed.
* [Feature] Option to check for updates at startup.
* [Change] Quote box now hides on mouse-up not mouse-down.
* [Feature] Popup quotes will not auto display (on timer) if there is a screensaver or other full screen application (game) running.
* [Feature] PopUp Wisdom will now auto-detect when a quote file has changed and automatically reload the new changes.
* [Feature] New edit book menu item in popup window.
* [Feature] Better display of info about each quote book in options (file size, etc.).
* [Feature] Added icons in menus.

I don't want to release it though until i know i've fixed the foreground issue, which i'm not sure i have (works on my xp but i dont know about win7).

Let me know how you like the improvements.

Will test tomorrow, thanks!

Tried under Windows XP Pro (as guest OS of Virtualbox).

Focus seemed to still be stolen even with unchecking "Popup gets Active Focus":

PopUp Wisdom Love

Testing whether focus gets stolen seems to yield different results.

Right after clicking the "OK" button of the Options dialog (with no quote dialog showing), using the hotkey to bring up a new quote does not lead to focus being stolen.  However, a subsequent hotkey invocation leads to focus being stolen here.

Similar behavior was observed for the case of waiting for quotes to appear -- in contrast to summoning one by hotkey.

However, a subsequent hotkey invocation leads to focus being stolen here.
--- End quote ---

does this problem only occur when triggering via hotkey (as opposed to timer?)

I'm having a hard time reproducing this bug, even when using hotkey.  I don't get focus stealing in the new version no matter if it's triggered via hotkey or timer -- neither on xp or win7.


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